Land activities


Moutainbike: Green way, forest, around several lakes, technical roads, around the leisure center, there is lots of ATV roads. Moreover, an ATV section just opened. For further information, visit our webpage.


The leisure center is the only place in the area of Dieppe where you can climb outdoor, on an artificial structure. 7m tall, the "Mont Varene" can be climbed by all the ways, leading, top-rope. The other blocs are used for overheating, and some educative things.

For children aged 7 or more.



Do you know the different colors of a target ? No ? Then it's time to discover it ! Come practice archery with us, you will find out ! Acuracy and concentration are the words.


Looking for usual tags or pictures, our orienteering mix cultural questions and local curiosities. A good way to learn many things, having fun the same time.



With the "Saltimbanques de l'impossible" you can practice circus in Varenne Plein Air.