Access Dinghy

Access Dinghy :

Varenne Plein Air really want that everyone can enjoy sport activities, this is why the association built infrastructures and have equipments for disable people.

Welcoming regularly disabled people, we are concentrating our efforts to make the place open for everyone. The bungalows and La Maison De La Varenne are both on standards of accessibility in order to guarantee quality services.

Our staff is formed in supporting and teaching sports activities for disabled peoples.

The Leisure Center propose sailing sessions, with a boat perfectly made for a simple and security shipping .

The access dinghy is a boat that can't overturn particularly on a lake. Security is optimal, the drift system avoid boat to tilt. People that have mobility or strength difficulties can maneuver way more easily. The boom, that guide the sail is also secure.

Our boats are two seats, so an accompanying person can join. The Access Dinghy can also be used by people that practiced  sail before and had trauma or amputation and want to discover the feelings again.

For people having mobility impairment, we have a motorized arm making the boat access easier.

2 packages are available :

  • The cycle :

                  One day per week, come here to practice sail.

  • Complete week :

                  With or without accommodation, you can practice sail during the day for a perfect stay.


Whatever package you pick, we guarantee a real scenery change and a perfect moment.