Sports club

Preparation traineeship, cohesion week-end, or simply enjoy differents nature assets...

Have you ever thought of organizing a stay on our site ? You will enjoy the charm and the quietness of an unspoiled nature, in the heart of a 27 ha park. The quality of the place and of the sport activities will make your stay perfect. Furthermore, the leisure center is located close to sports places, such as swimming pool or football field (around 3 minutes), and also close to Arques La Bataille's forest (5minutes).

We assure you a particular carefulness in order to offer you the best conditions for your stay, adapted meals, snack and breakfast served by buffets, and a meeting room perfectly equipped.

Chose between 15 activities, the ones you find adapted to your aim, to your needs, and to your budget. We can also organize raids, or orienteering.

All our packages can be changed, we will adapt the package at your demand: add an activity of your choice, erase one, add afternoon snack, a diner, a breakfast...

For the cycling clubs, you have the possibility to realize different roads on the Green Avenue, or i the forest.

We are available for further information, or to help you make up your stay.