Les sections

Even if we propose activities, we also have clubs :

Hiking section

Lucien EVRARD :

"We are a group of people sharing the same passion of walking. About hiking, or active walk, the aime is to spend good time together, and discover the area an unusual way.”

  • How it works: Sunday moring we are walking thourgh area's hiking way. Leisure and hapiness are assured every time. If you are interested, you can join us through our differents walks, or at Varenne Plein Air.
  • Schedule and places : Every sunday at 9h30. Check the calendar below for the meeting place.
  • Prices: Obligatory deposit for the insurance. Contact Mr EVRARD or Ms HEDIN.
  • Contact : Lucien EVRARD, Alain HEDIN
  • Schedule : To know the schedule click :
  • You will find someone every sunday at 14h.

You can visite their website here : http://marcheuse76550.skyrock.com

Model Section

  • How it works : On the ponds of Varenne Plein Air.

Free navigation on a course in the pond.
A mach race per month counting for the annual challenge.
Electrics models and steams et vapeur (trawlers, tugs, warships, etc.)

Motor boats and termics are forbidden, because of pollution, noise and security.

Sailboats radio-command : class M (1.27M) et classe 1M

This section works with diversified show and meetings with several clubs of the area. (Le Havre, Cany, Bouvaincourt sur Bresles...)

  • Schedules :  Sunday morning and wednesday afternoon. Meet at Varenne Plein Air.
  • Prices:  30 €
  • Contact : Jean-Pierre POIRIER :
  • Calendar : 

ATV Section

  • How it works :

    In order to follow its improvement, Varenne Plein Air open its ATV section, for children and adults. Meet us at Varenne Plein Air wednesday afternoon for children and sunday morning for adults. We will discover many things about Dieppe's area and several hiking ways. Take clothes and afternoon snack.
  • Schedule :  Sunday morning and wednesday afternoon, meeting at Varenne Plein Air.
  • Prices : 5€ (Adesion Varenne Plein Air + Licence FFC + section cotisation)
  • Contact : Philippe COURBE :